Beautiful read

Posted: July 5, 2006 in Accolades

Best read I’ve ever seen - Alb correctly puts MikeH on J9 for the double-gutshot, after he fills the top end of it on the river during a round of hold’em.

  1. Albert says:

    It was actually J8 for the open ended straight draw, and he didn’t fill it either end. Everything else is correct!

    I remember this hand well and can go through my thought process at the time. Mike was on the button and I was big blind with K10 offsuit. Mike was the only caller and I simply checked. The flop came down A, 10, 9. I bet and Mike raised, but it wasn’t a full pot raise. Didn’t read him for an A, overpair, pocket 10’s or pocket 9’s as he would have surely raised preflop with any of those hands. At best he had 10,9 but also likely he had a 10 and worse kicker. I called.

    The turn is a 6. I check and Mike checks. The river is a low card. I check, Mike bets. What kind of hand would Mike raise on the flop but check on the turn? I suspect a good draw that wasn’t filled. There was possible flush draw on the board, and since Mike always bets his flush draws, that was ruled out. So guessing it was a straight draw – QJ? No, he would have raised preflop. 87? No, he would have bet the turn on filling the straight. Which leaves J8. Either that or some dodgy two-pair. I call with my middle pair and say out load that I think he has J8, and for once, I was right!

  2. fLuke says:

    This is how is went down folks, and this was Albie’s on the spot analysis. Textbook.

  3. Shree says:

    That is some remarkably clear thinking. How I ever manage to take money of a sleuth like Alb is now beyond me. But I learned a great deal just from following his train of thought. Thanks for sharing Alb:)

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