Food for thought

Posted: July 6, 2006 in Accolades

I’m not sure who gets this accolade; Luke made the read, but I won the pot. Anyway, it helps me make an observation.

Because our Tuesday home games start quite early, people often eat their dinner at the game. Luke usually grabs something on the way, but didn’t have time this week and instead ordered a delivery from the local takeaway. We’re playing a hand of hold’em and it’s me, Luke and Shane. The flop comes down and the doorbell rings – it’s the guy with food. Someone let’s him through the main door and he starts climbing the stairs to the flat.

Shane checks, Luke bets, I raise, Shane folds. Luke is now standing, referring to me by a number of 4-letter words and protesting that he’s sure I’m playing him because he has to go and pay for his food. He was completely right, I had absolute gash, no pair, no draw, nothing. I was, as he suspected, making a play for the pot, thinking that he would only continue if he was holding a monster and his mind was probably more on the food than the game – it was quite late and he must have been starving!

The deliveryman is now at the door waiting to be paid, and I was making some noise about how long he’s taking to decide, whereas in reality, it was longer than people usually take. He about to chuck it, then last second, sticks his cards in his back pocket and goes to pay for his food. That hacked me off no end! He comes back, takes his cards out again (someone makes a joke that they’re some other cards he planted there before the game), has a think, and fortunately for me, decides to fold.

The observation is that if someone makes a suspect play at an awkward time – kettle’s just boiled, phone call, desperate for the loo – they could be making the play similar to the one above. Then again, they may not and actually have a genuine hand. The trick is to take your time as Luke did when he put his cards in his pocket. Technically, he broke the rules by taking the cards off the table, but I’ll let him off.

  1. fLuke says:

    C U Next Tuesday, Ho…

  2. Shree says:

    Let me get this straight. He paid for the food then came back and, after further careful thought, folded ? Sounds to me like he never had that monster and was just as guilty as you in trying to steal that pot. He wanted to have his pot and eat it !

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