Day 0 – Gutshot (London)

Posted: August 21, 2006 in Atlantic City 2006

So, we couldn’t quite wait until taking off before getting down.

Alb and I join the £1/£1 PLH, starting a new table and as is traditional sitting opposite each other. Fast aggressive play from me quickly took £30 buy-in up to £60. Perhaps a little over-tight trying to preserve early lead, folding JJ to a pot-sized reraise from the button. Actually wanted to get out of Alb’s way as he was original raiser, but he just folded behind me in turn.

About 30 minutes later and writing this blog on blackberry as I play, Alb just hooked a big one busting the raiser. However his replacement who’s been looming over the table looking hungrily at the fish opposite me for a few rounds now (not you Alb) sits down and immediately hammers me for a £60 pot with trip Kings against my AJ two pair. Alb wins a massive pot around midnight against some dude who was fast asleep. The guy posts a straddle and just keeps pushing chips without looking. Calls Alb’s reraise all-in on the  flop barely looking at the board and looks slightly vacant as Alb makes trips on the turn and takes his money. All the sharks eye sleeping beauty’s pile of chips greedily.

Alb’s on a streak, breaking a nice guy on my left with 23o, his 30 buy-in is up to over 100.

A little later and my KQ get outdrawn by QJ, dropping me back to starting place, but then Alb comes to the rescue, doubling-up my KK with his 99 on a raggedy board.

The sleeper is back with another £50, yippee. Unfortunately I can’t get into a hand with him. Still, he’s got cash and I can wait.

 !!! Sleeper just checked the flop without looking at it, I swear. Then turns and glances at it and nearly falls off his chair with a double-take. Big push on the turn and a Texas wave passes around the table (like a Mexican wave, only players are throwing their cards rather than arms in the air).

Anyway, sod sleeper for a moment, I just tripled-up to over a ton with the nut flush into the second nut flush, other part of the triple was a donation from Alb with the open ended straight-flush draw – yikes!!!

Starting to realise as I pay the second table charge of the night that I’m not really paying attention to the game, more focussed on this blog entry. Think I’ll pack-up for the night and close this post later.

Coffee time!!!

Post-game write-up sitting in the BA lounge waiting for our flight. It’s 8am and we both look like death. Still, feeling smug having started as we mean to go on this week.

Results: Alb £30 -> £50, Luke £30 -> £105.



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