Posted: August 22, 2006 in Atlantic City 2006

Alb has just pointed out that through the wonder of technology and somebody else paying the phonebill I’ve started blogging in realtime. Continuous logging / clogging, has a certain charm and aptness.

Can see where this is leading:

17:42 Getting off the bus
17:44 Unloading suitcase
17:45 Crossing the road
17:45 ‘What’s that noise?’ ‘Get your head out of your BlackBerry you Limey dickhead!!!’
00:32 Hospital bedside

Maybe I’ll put this away until have something relevant to write, this is ExtremePoker after all.


Ps. See something that looks like a casino strip on the horizon. This had better be it, today is starting to feel like the driving to Vegas scene in Swingers.


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