Day 1 – At the Table

Posted: August 23, 2006 in General

Quick flirt with the hotel receptionist and manage to secure the gang upgraded rooms, bingo! Try the same on the Polish waitress at dinner, but no free desserts forthcoming, must be losing it. šŸ˜‰

Claim our comps from the Trump Taj: All -> All + 20, and then scoot back to base at the Tropicana to checkout their well proportioned poker room.

It’s getting close to 48 hours awake and I’m starting to feel it, so sit down at the tame looking $2/$4 limit Hold’em. Mike joins me after giving-up on the $4/$8 game, the list of names isn’t moving. Shane sits at the $1/$2 no limit hold’em, Jon at another 2/4 table, and Alb finds the only $3/$6 Omaha hi-lo table in the room.

Mike and my table is pretty weak. Practice good solid play for about an hour, grinding my stake up to about $130. Mike makes a nice contribution betting into my set of 2’s, which doesn’t go amiss, however in general the table’s pretty dull. On the whole the play is pretty amateurish – watched incredulously as one old lad check-raises (for value?!) his Js Kc into a board of Td Jd Kd Ah – ludicrous. Mike and I get bored, decide to try to move up to 4/8 if there’s a seat.

We picked-up our comp cards at the start of the night. They have a barcode that gets scanned every hour, play enough hours in a week and you start to get cheap rooms/free stuff/etc. In a moment of perfect comic timing, Mike, who missed the comp-scan on the way into the table by one hand, stands-up to leave and almost trips over the comp-scan guy on his way back around for the second time. I get two hours logged to Mike’s zero for almost the same 60 mins of play. Hilarious.

Quick scout around the room to check status of the team. Shane is nicely up, he’s bartered the $100 he borrowed from me (his ATM card wasn’t working) up to about $150. Jon-boy is looking about level, and Alb is marginally down (and Mike tells me playing loosely and badly – must be the lack sleep getting to him too).

No movement on 4/8, so Mike and I barge in on Alb’s Omaha game. I top-up another $100 putting $230 on the table.

The next hour’s a bit of a blur, have trouble holding all four Omaha cards, let along figuring out what I’m doing with them. This should be easy, but exhaustion is starting to press. Come out of my Night of the Living Dead daze around the 50 hour mark realising I’m down to ~$160. Damn you George A. Romero!

It’s 12.30am and blinds are coming around, so plan an exit for my under-the-gun hand to avoid paying another SB/BB toll. Last hand of the night A25J with two hearts. Flat call from UTG, mid-table raiser which I and another three players call. Board comes 348 rainbow, sweet – have the nut low, a wrap for the wheel and an ugly backdoor flush draw. I bet-out, it gets raised, and I call (lady to my right looks interested in something, so figure I’m currently probably chopping the low with her). Turn is Jh, giving me a flush draw and pairing my spare card. I bet-out again, and again it’s raised, sweet. This time I reraise, and the original raiser drops-out. I have the lady heads-up. River doesn’t help my straight or flush, but is a surprising sweet looking third jack. Nice. Bet and call and I three-quarter her naked A2.

Good timing, puts me back up to $195 dead, leaving me with a well earned (given concentration level) loss of $5 for 3 hours play.

Converting the Sterling win at Gutshot, I’m calling a current tally of +$125 for 6 hours of play.

When I left the boys, Shane was finished already and down about $50 (not sure what went wrong while we weren’t looking), Jon down about $40 claiming a bad-beat from a someone rivering his nut straight and with a 5 high-flush draw, Mike looking up and Alb looking up.

Nice for a change that it’s not a zero-sum game between our gang.

Right – off to bed, not sure what I’m doing torturing myself writing another post at this time of night – the clock says 1.30am, the body says half-past arghhh.



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