Day 2 – Morning to Evening at the Trop

Posted: August 23, 2006 in Atlantic City 2006

Up bright and early at 8.30am this morning feeling refreshed and relaxed. No sign of the likely lads, so Alb and I grabbed a quick breakfast and then dropped straight into the morning $50+15 NLH freezeout tournament at the Trop. Pretty quiet turn-out, think everyone was on the beach watching the airshow (with the Blue Angels (?) – sounded impressive, but to quote Alb “we didn’t come here to watch planes”). Anyway, of the four tables in play mine table turned-out to be the softest, plus there was plenty of play in the structure with 20 minute levels from 50/100 and each player starting with 5000 chips.

Thought I’d begin aggressively, and must have managed to steal seven of the first ten hands, getting quite a lot of respect until I inevitably got picked-off by someone holding top pair on a connected board. After that I couldn’t make a move without being policed by someone. Noted the change in dynamic and kept it steady, doubling up a few times with QQ and AA against smaller holdings. Alb dropped somewhere around 18th place and wandered off to the $4/8 cash game, I held on fairly card-dry until 10th, when I smelled weakness, made a move on a guy with man-boobs, and got picked-off when he caught a random looking Jack on the turn. Man-boobs finished me off two hands later when I was forced to push pre-flop with A7s.

Luke: cash +$125, tournament -$65 = +$60 (after total of 8 hours)

The boys were all embedded in their own games by now, Shane and Jon at the $2/4, Mike and Alb at the $4/8. The smaller game just looked a bit random to me, playing against nine calling stations can be long-term profitable, but just dull as hell. Anyway, a new $4/8 was opening-up, so I jumped at that.

Was a good move, the play was better quality and it was possible to get value on decent cards and still buy a pot or two in the right spot. Had a reasonably decent run for the first hour, and pushed my $150 buy-in up to about $250. Watched some absolutely appalling play from a few of the fish at the table. One particular donor would without fail call to the end with any pair, irrespective of how the texture of the board changed. Got chatting to the guy on my right – Ed, an insurance actuary from Baltimore, after he nailed her with a very modest holding betting it for value all the way.

However, chatting to Ed turned-out to be a bit of a mistake. He was far too interesting company to keep the focus on both the game and the conversation. In the end I realised I’d chatted my way down to a $55 profit, so decided to wrap-up there and take a break to write-up the day’s play.

So, dinner later and then we’re heading over to the Taj to try to find an Omaha high game to sink our teeth into.

Currently pretty unimpressed with the standard of play. Certainly couldn’t make a living at $4/8, but given the quality of the local opposition I think could turn a profit pretty reliably. Could soon be time to pad-out the bankroll and move-up another level to the famous ‘pink chip’ game – $7.50/15 limit (the pink chip is the Trop’s $2.50).

Luke: cash +$180, tournament -$65 = +$115 (in 13 hours)

  1. shen says:

    nice blog luke, i particularly like the phrase ‘made a move on a guy with man-boobs’ … hilarious !!

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