Day 4 – Pink Chips & “The Stupidest Thing I Ever Did”

Posted: August 26, 2006 in Atlantic City 2006

My day starts at midday watching from the sidelines at Alb gets nailed for $400 in the pink chip game ($7.50/15). He tells me he’ll write it up separately once he gets off tilt, so check-back in September folks.

Manage to get a seat at a new pink chip table myself, slightly nervous that this is the biggest limit I’ve played yet and the biggest game in our home casino. However there’s little to fear, across from me is a young guy giving out cash like an ATM, there are two calling stations down the table, and really only one other player that I figure I should watch-out for. Instincts are right, the table’s one of the easiest I’ve sat at yet. Without too much stress take my $400 buy-in up to $650, and then back down to $500 when my Aces get cracked by Q2o. Pretty philosophical about that sort of thing really though, I mean that’s why you sit at a table with guys that’ll call a capped pot with anything, you’re going to get paid in the end…

Anyway, sometime around 6pm I realise it’s ten minutes until the start of the $10,000 guaranteed tournament, and lo-and-behold – my stack is at exactly $520, perfect for the $100+20 buy-in. Am not remotely superstitious, but figure it’d make a nice story to create 10K out of thin air in a day, so cash-out and buy a seat for the big one.

Luke: cash +$535, tournament -$65 = +$470 (in 24 hours)

So I can almost hear you thinking back to the title of this post and saying ‘what’s the stupidest thing Luke ever did?’ How dumb can he have been? Pretty dumb, I can tell you, bear with me.

So, I sit-in at a table full of maniacs. These guys have been watching too many World Series final tables, it’s an all-in almost every hand for the first ten minutes, and this is a freezeout. Feel like I’m the only person at the table who actually knows anything about tournament theory, so figure I’m just going to sit tight and pick someone off once I catch a hand. Anyway, don’t catch a hand through to the first break at the one hour point. Almost straight into the ante period and I’m annoyed to have to move to a new table as they’re breaking us up. Oh well, my image as a rock has been wasted and I’m going to have to start over against a new bunch.

Get sat at table 3 where it’s a totally different story. There are a couple of big no limit players, one of which already has a huge lead over the rest of the field. This is going to be tough.

So, it goes around and around a few times. I win a pot and steal another and am generally keeping level around the 5,000 mark. However while I’m sitting level the blinds are rising and the antes are doing their work, eventually my average stack has become a short stack so it’s time to make a move. Find myself with A8o under the gun so jam my headphones on, pull my hat down and chuck it all in. Get just a single caller, and find that I’m racing against his 44. My eights stand-up, and at last I’m back into the game with a bit of room to maneuver.

Two hands later I’m in the small blind. It’s folded around the table to a big mouthed asian dude on my right, who flat calls. Now, this guy is a great player, but he’s taken a recent beat and he only just has me covered. He’s been taking a lot of flops cheap and been trying to outplay the field once a few cards are out, so I figure his call is a weak one and maybe I can take him off the hand here. Hey, I’ve only got K4o, but I’m playing the situation rather than the cards, and this definitely feels like the right move to make. Again, headphones get pushed in, hat comes down and chips go in. The big blind insta-folds and the asian guy goes into the tank to think. I’m avoiding his eyes, all I can see are his cards, and when he folds and flips them face up to show me his laydown I chuck my cards in the muck and go to rake-in the pot.

Except my noise cancelling earphones did their job, he didn’t fold, he called. I just threw away live cards, albeit live cards that were only 32.81% to win it.

Walked away leaving the rest of the table shocked at my insane move.

Luke: cash +$535, tournament -$185, throwing it all away in a moment of madness $priceless = +$350 (in 27 hours)

  1. Hing says:

    Dude, that sucks!! what did he have?

  2. fLuke says:

    ATs. I’d misread his call for weakness.

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