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AC prep

Posted: August 21, 2006 in Atlantic City 2006

Atlantic City – day 0

Sitting in the Ho’s spare bedroom contemplating the next six days. Feeling psyched-up and pretty close to the top of my game. Will asked me what my budget was for this week in AC. Unlimited (well, I may slow down if I find I’ve given back the whole £2.5K bankroll I’ve built-up in the last 12 months). But generally figure I’ll play to my ability, start at 3/6 PLH and gradually rack it up as far as capability takes me. Really looking for a sweet Omaha game if I can find one, feeling pretty seasoned after a few years of our dealer’s choice home game, so might be a chance to go fishing for some suckers still goggle eye from the WSOP a few weeks ago.

Anyway, you’ll be able to read all about the bankroll swings, big breaks and bad beats right here. Will be posting daily from the blackberry (thank you HSBC), so ignore the corporate disclaimers (I’ll tidy those away once I get back) and check back daily for a progress update.

First update might be quite soon in fact. We couldn’t be bothered to sleep tonight. The flight leaves at 9am Tuesday, so heading down to Gutshot once Alb finishes packing his case so we can get a few hours of pot limit action in before morning. Figure we’ll start the transition to Eastern Standard time early and kip on the plane.

Watch this space folks,



Call or Raise?

Posted: August 16, 2006 in Flames, General

We all couldn’t resist a snigger when playing 7-card stud Albie called, but had raised the pot before the actual call. MikeW limps in, hits two Aces then stares him down. Albie reluctantly folds with a sour face.

 Later on in the night, in Razz, Dave deals the final card up, Albie gets narked off, has to check the final bet to Shane, but still wins the pot. Goes on tilt about the the flipped card and folding quad 7’s and 8’s….

Geez, the guy wins his hand and still goes on tilt , imagine him in AC …. ;-p

The Bull’s All-in…

Posted: August 15, 2006 in General

Puts to shame