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The Nuts

Posted: September 13, 2006 in General

I owe this write up to Luke, must have been 3 weeks ago when I hit the NUTS.

YES royal straight flush baby. Vaguely remember the game, was playing Crazy Pineapple, holding K Q rag, Shane raised pre flop, Luke called, and I called.  The flop came, 10, A, J all hearts, I flop the straight.  Shane checked, Luke bet, I just called because of the possible flush, thought may be Shane might be slow playing and might have re raise if he had a King of heart.  I was drawing to a possible A Q flush, Shaney boy folds, “DISCARDS” I shouted, both me and Luke discard(This is how you play Pineapple). Another Ace came down on the turn, giving Luke a full house, he was holding pocket 10s.  Surprisingly he checked he didn’t put me on an Ace as he discarded an Ace before.  The only possible hand that was beating him was pocket Jacks.   Slowing playing git!!  So I checked hoping to hit my 1 OUTTAAAAA, and the river card was a King of hearts.  Apparently the others said I was jumping up and down waving my arms pulling silly faces when that card came down, but I realised later, after the rush of adrenaline through my body had gone, I was standing on a broken glass which Dave left behind by randomly chucking his glass of water on the floor, WEIRDO. Anyway, Luke checked, I bet, he called. LOVELY JUBBLY, YIPPPEEE.