Return to form

Posted: March 27, 2008 in Tournaments

Despite a three week vacation to Thailand, it seems I haven’t quite slipped the noose of my 2008 bad run just yet. Last night played a £30+3 NLHE tournament at the Loose Cannon, finishing 13th out of 18 runners.

Russian Michael and myself were slightly late starters, filling the last available seats on the two tables. Michael look slightly baffled at my offer of a £10 last-longer as we sat down into our respective seat 9’s, but accepted nonetheless. Was a well timed offer as it turned-out, as he only survived about ten hands, and was the first player eliminated!

In first round of the match, I limped from late position with J7o after three others players flat called the 50 big blind.

Flop: J97 with two diamonds. BB bet 100, one caller, I raise to 400, BB calls, other folds.
Turn: (J97)K. BB bets 500, I call.
River: (J97K)K putting three diamonds on-board. BB checks. I check. He shows AA.

I could have bet the turn, but when he flat called my flop raise and bet-out on the turn, I suspected he may have picked-up one of the straights or a better 2-pair, so elected to keep the pot small. Knowing his hand in retrospect I should have moved-in, but he was asking for big trouble checking his BB with aces and four other players in the pot, and I believe it’s likely he’d still have called me with just the overpair. I guess I was just lucky to lose the minimum after being outrun on the river.

About 90 mins later, rather short-stacked after a long stint of tight play and just one or two well timed steals, I picked-up JJ on the button. Managed to get it all-in pro-flop against Mike Conway’s 66, but am outdrawn again and eliminated to the third 6 on the flop.

C’est la vie, I guess all I can do is to keep plugging away and trying to ride-out this run as the year progresses.

Anyway, thankful that I had only done £20 rather than the usual sorry 2008 three figure story, I decided to invest some of my funds saved in a couple of new poker books. Should make for a good weekend study session.

  1. Jimbo says:

    Unlucky once again Fluke……….a return to form is surely just around the corner as the outdraws can’t keep happening. With a bit of luck you will be running golden just in time for WSOP 🙂

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