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First night

Posted: June 17, 2008 in General

Grooh. Have hazy recollections of a midday tomorrow (by personal body-clock) beat from Carlos, whose jacks made a set on the river against my disguised kings for a fairly monster pot. Could have used the funds, as I’d broken my Vegas poker cherry by busting in level 2 of the Ceasars medium-stack event ($150), and then getting it all in with top pair against an overpair in the second hand (!) of the $125 sit-and-go I sat into shortly afterwards to bide my time while I waited for a sandwich to arrive.

Rather a classic poor play in both events on my part, but honestly felt rather zombied at the end of a 8 hour extended waking day. Having established that I wasn’t playing my A-game (or for that matter my B- or C-game),  what I was doing taking a seat in a $1/2 NL against the boys I’ll never know. However I do at least think I was playing cash to a reasonable standard, and hey, I could hardly pass up a chance to check-out the Venetian poker room, even if it was getting towards the small hours of an already long day.

Maybe tomorrow would prove to be more fruitful at the tables…


Vegas 2008

Posted: June 12, 2008 in Las Vegas 2008

Have spent the last few minutes bemused at a slightly short-sighted American lady’s attempts to get a photo of James, unfortunatelyshort-stacked close to the bubble of the $5,000 NL Hold’em WSOP event. He’s sitting one table across from Eli Elezra and David Singer. When our camera lady innocently asked me who everyone was pointing at, I highlighted the ‘famous UK pro, James Hart’, the gent with the lurid orange hair and mild sunburn..

Geoff and I are railbirding the last ten tables of the biggest event this week. I’m only an hour off the plane, fresh in from London this morning courtesy of the World’s Local Bank.

Just back from a 20 minute break. We did a quick chip count, James has a stack of 40k with blinds of 300/1200/2400. That’s an M of about 6. The field is down to 79, the bubble bursts at 72 when he’ll earn a cool $9,500. It’s then a long way to the first place prize of three quarters of a million dollars!

More soon. Geoff and I just got a ringside seat at the limit hold’em televised final table. Daniel Negreanu is chip leader by a mile, man this is a great spot for star spotting!!


James finished 4xth for a $16k payday. Nice start to the World Series career mate! Perhaps my ‘famous UK pro’ comment will prove to be true…