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It’s not Vegas, but …

Posted: June 19, 2009 in General

I missed the annual Vegas pilgrimage this year as am devoting my vacation time and funds to getting married, you have to keep these things in perspective after all.

Over morning coffee each day I’ve been keeping track of the tragic/hilarious tales of bad beats and drunken action from over the pond, courtesy of Jimbo’s blog, and it’s just leaving me despondent that I’m missing out on all the fun. As couldn’t manage to pull together a sensible game this week with so many of the boys away, I decided to drag myself along to one of Blapo’s pub games, this one being the final event at MyHotels in Bloomsbury. In honour of the Vegas crew and given that this was due to be a comparatively cheap game (£25 tournament with one rebuy and a £20 max sit-down cash game, so likely to be £100 exposure max) I elected to get blind drunk and play the role of poker-fool at the table.

As planned I succeeded in making an absolute nuisance of myself in the tournment, finally going broke holding AKs vs ATo aipf and just missing the final table.

Multitabled the tournament with the cash game, where I made a small profit and no friends after drunkenly shoving blind numerous times and doubling through people who were calling me light when I actually had the goods. At one point Julian (Laurence Fishburne lookalike) basically told me to f*ck off, and he’s about as charming and pleasant as it’s possible to be at the poker table. Hilarious stuff.

The chav quotient was reduced last night compared to Blapo’s usual crowd, but I had cause to remember why I don’t especially like this group of players. We’re down to twelve handed, and on my table one of the tighter players finds himself heads up with the only remaining girl in the tournament. They get it all in on the turn, him with top-two, her holding AKo for a gutshot straight on a JTx board. She’s made a bad call, but that’s what you have to expect in these silly little games. However this bloke can’t handle it and just goes mental.

“What the f*ck did you call with that for? Oh no…for f*cks sake.”

You have to remember, this is a £25 tournament, not the WSOP, however he’s acting like all his worldly possessions are on the line in a spot where he’s a 90% favourite. Inevitably the river blanks.

“GOOD!” he spits at her, “thanks for the call!”. Blapo (who is dealing) announces a hasty break to defuse the ridiculous situation.

In retribution, I elected to target this ‘gentleman’, succeeding in bluffing him off of the best hand three times in a row after his display of ungraciousness. However in the end he outlasted me after my outdraw by a different player.

All in all a good value night out. Lost two hands of ‘Smallsover’ with the man himself (despite swapping cards with him after the deal on one hand), but won a £20 last-longer with the Racist and Smalls to put myself up on prop bets. Won another £20 or so in the cash game, which just about covered my tournament entry fee. Think I may have given away £15 in ‘bonuses’ during the tournament (free money I was putting in the middle to try to induce people to get their chips in bad). Add in several rounds of drinks, a tomato salad and Cinzano and orange (thanks Racist) and it all turned into a great value two-figure night out.

British Grand Prix this weekend to pull me away from the felt, and then before I know it the boys will be back covered in glory / poop (delete as appropriate), so it’ll soon be back to the grind of strictly sober poker.

Julian, if you’re reading this, apologies for the muppetry last night. I know you love me really… LOL!

An unusual hand

Posted: June 12, 2009 in General
Question MarkWith the boys in Vegas for a fortnight, my Thursday night poker slot this week was spent at the Empire, reviewing the proficiency of the midweek crowd. Sadly the table I found myself at was Nit-central, with narry a LAG in sight.

Nothing tremendous to report, variance was lying low so just had a fairly average run of hands – over the course of five hours winning a few pots, stealing a few and losing a few, for a gradual net loss of about £90 out of my £250 starting stack. And then a rather unusual hand came up.

I’m on the button, and have been seeing more than my fair share of suited connectors, however continually missing flops by miles with them. This time around is 7h8h.

Seat 3 limps for £2, bald-TAG in seat 4 makes it £10 to play (he’s being doing this with about about 10% of his hands and hasn’t shown down complete trash yet), folds to me, I call, the blinds both call. Five of us take a flop of 6h8sTd.

Check, check, check, and baldie pops £22 into the pot of £50. It’s a slightly smaller continuation bet than he usually makes, so I’m 50/50 that he’s on a steal with overcards, however I have a pair, a gutshot and a backdoor flush, so don’t really want to raise myself out of the pot. Elect to limp behind and let the hand develop while I have position, the SB comes along for the ride.

The turn is a rather interesting Ah, adding the flush draw to all my other outs, but most likely spiking baldies hand if he is on something like AK/AQ. There’s £116 in the pot, I have exactly 5 * £25 chips behind, and the other two players have me covered for a further £80 or so.

As they’re contemplating their action, I start counting my outs. I have 3 * sevens for two-pair, 2 * eights for trips, 4 * nines for a straight and the remaining 7 * hearts for a flush. A possible 16 outs, although none of them are to the nuts. I figure I’ll just about have the odds to call if both players get it all in before me, however slightly to my surprise the action goes check/check. Adding in the fold equity I’m suddenly in a great position in the hand, so I shove for £125 and pop up the shields (hat down / hands covering 90% of face).

The SB goes quiet, but after about a minute of contemplation pops out the call; it’s an interesting move as with any made hand I’d actually expect him to shove over the top. With a hand that now looks something like AJ/JJ/QQ, baldie makes the call behind. My side pot is up to £491, and I’m disappointed by a river of 6d that misses all 16 of my outs.

With no side pot and only £80 effective stacks, I can’t expect one of the players to bet the other out of the pot, so as they check check I’m disconsolate to have lost a big pot and say “weak two pair, I missed all 16 of my outs”. However both players are looking at me like they have nothing, and indeed that’s the case as my paired 8 scoops the pot!

Small blind shows J9o for the opened ended straight that missed, baldie shows JhQh for the missed flush and bigger straight draw – and as we reassess the hand together, we realise that 14 of my 16 ‘outs’ were actually losing cards. The sevens make the SB’s straight, all the hearts make baldies flush, the nines make baldies straight, and only my remaining two eights are good. However as it turns out I don’t actually need to improve, and of the 30 or so cards that I think are bad for me, in fact the majority of them are just great (all but the remaining two jacks, three queens and four kings).

What a strange hand…