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Posted: July 30, 2010 in General

Hilarious example of outrageously poor dealing at our local cardroom’s private game this week. Just had to share. Note that this is a RAKED game, we pay almost a thousand pounds a night for the privilege of being looked after in this manner…

Having called an 863 rainbow flop and checked the 5 turn, Devski shoves the 2 on the river. The Baron has been the aggressor in the hand, but clearly doesn’t have much – however he’s contemplating the crying call anyway. Devski tells him he has a monster and should fold. Baron’s about to do so when suddenly the dealer’s hand flashes out to stop him, “WAIT A MINUTE, DON’T SHOW THAT HAND” he yells at Dev. “If you have the nuts I’ll give you £100, you would definitely have bet the turn”.

We all look at each other like the dealer is bonkers, clearly Baron hasn’t folded yet. If he had done so I imagine Devski would have immediately flipped up his 79s, and we’d have had a right laugh at the £100 rakeback.

After reprobating the dealer, pointing out what a lose/lose situation he’s created, eventually the Baron goes through with his planned fold. The dealer sheepishly tries to explain his thinking in the hand, which quite honestly is basic level 1 (I have the nuts therefore I raise), and the game continues.

Ahh, you couldn’t make this shit up.