Just one more hand…

Posted: August 26, 2010 in General

After a reasonable but slightly slow session at the Empire this week I was just about ready to cash in a £400 profit, when the following hand came up. A new player had just been moved to the table and had my £700 stack covered by a substantial amount. I figured I’d just play out the last few hands and then split. Would rock-up, that way nothing could go wrong.

With a loose aggressive image, but one that newguy isn’t aware of having just arrived at the table, in my final hand of the night I raise AQo UTG to £6. Get four callers, inc newguy in the small blind.

Flop JdQsAd, seems like bingo, but I’m going to tread carefully as know nothing about the big stack. NG checks, I bet £20, fold, button calls, NG min raises to £40. I call for pot control, button folds and we’re heads-up.

Turn 8s. NG bets £75 into a pot of just under £100.  Is somewhat worrisome that 9T may have just got there, however I’m not prepared to lay-down top-two just yet so call.

River 6d completing the flush. NG bets £150! I’m baffled. Whatever he has, he seems to have played it bizarrely.

It’s definitely the end of night for me, so I talk this through aloud (to myself) at the table. With any of the sets he almost certainly has to raise preflop out of position in a 4-way field, so it’s not those. KT for the flopped nuts plays exactly like that, but the river bet would be extremely brave considering that diamonds are definitely in my range. Unless he’s either very dumb or very smart, I think he’d check-call when the third diamond arrived on the end. Kdxd I think has to either check the turn or bet it smaller – I have the queen of diamonds and the ace and jack are out there, so it can’t be a premium suited king, however people will call with all sorts in this game. Anyway, after I show some genuine strength by calling the flop raise, I don’t think he really wants to bet himself off the draw on the turn with these bad stack sizes.

However I’ll be honest and say that I didn’t go any further in my thinking than this. Slightly ashamed to note that I counted down my stack, noted that calling and losing would leave me with a tiny profit and calling and winning would be a big pay-day, so just stuck it in, hoping that he was on a badly played worse 2-pair or AK.

Obviously he shows KdTd, and I’m done. With just a bit more thought, I think I should have put two and two together to realise that worse hands than mine make just as little sense as all of the above, meaning that he can really only have the flush draw and a made hand (in this case the flopped nuts with the nut redraw). I guess I just didn’t consider the extra combinations of Omaha style hands…bad play me.

Just to note, I did consider repopping it on the flop and folding to a re-re-raise, however it’s a draw heavy board and I really didn’t want him to just call and then for me to still have no idea where I was in a massive pot when a diamond or broadway card came. Deliberately decided to take the safer line and try to sweat a street.


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