Posted: January 29, 2011 in General

Have taken a leaf out of Devski and the Baron’s books for 2011 and am collecting a more complete set of data for each session played. With thirteen stints at the table for January (I’ll often play at multiple venues in a night and record these separately, so this isn’t to say I’m playing every other day), thought it might be worth sharing a little bit of initial data analysis.

Two of my thirteen sessions scored a maximum 3 on the ‘drunk’ scale, for a net loss between them of £325. Balanced on the other side by eleven 100% sober sessions with a net profit of £451. Clearly my 2010 resolution needs to be stuck to more consistently.

Another interesting stat suggested by the Baron was to record my perceived ‘attitude’ towards playing prior to starting. Again on a scale of 0..3, with the following meanings:

0 = feel destined to lose
1 = can’t be arsed to play
2 = feeling good
3 = raring to go

Quite surprised that this again seems to be a telling statistic, it seems I’ve played six sessions @1 for a net loss of £199 and seven sessions @2 for a net profit of £575.

Finally the most important statistic, my hourly rate. Over the course of 51 hours at the table it seems I’ve made an intoxicating £126 profit, that’ll be £2.47 an hour then, or coincidentally almost exactly the minimum legal pay for an apprentice under 19 years old (according to Guess I’ll need to buckle down my game if I want to graduate to McJob money…


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