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Call or Raise?

Posted: August 16, 2006 in Flames, General

We all couldn’t resist a snigger when playing 7-card stud Albie called, but had raised the pot before the actual call. MikeW limps in, hits two Aces then stares him down. Albie reluctantly folds with a sour face.

 Later on in the night, in Razz, Dave deals the final card up, Albie gets narked off, has to check the final bet to Shane, but still wins the pot. Goes on tilt about the the flipped card and folding quad 7’s and 8’s….

Geez, the guy wins his hand and still goes on tilt , imagine him in AC …. ;-p


Albie the Razz beginner

Posted: July 19, 2006 in Flames, General

Funny how Terry a beginner at Razz spots Albie’s winning Jack low hand before he mucks it to Hings Queen low.

Albie ends up losing a ton tripping on tilt shortly after…

Omaha8 – d’oh!

Posted: July 5, 2006 in Flames

Anyone notice MikeH trying to play the 3 from his hand with the A245x on the board for the wheel in Omaha8 last night. Got passed by without comment, but I saw Mike kicking himself as Hing pulled in the whole pot…