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Just testing

Posted: May 13, 2015 in Uncategorized

Despite saying I’d never go again, there’s a roadtrip in the planning that terminates in Vegas. I suspect much Lodden Thinks and bad quality poker will be played. Roll on August…


“He couldn’t make it…”

Posted: September 10, 2011 in Uncategorized

“Hang on…”, she arches an eyebrow to her even prettier friend and examines ‘cut-out Jimbo’ a little more closely; bewilderment and bemusement are apparent in equal measure on both of their faces.

“You’re trying to tell me that twelve of you have come to the Edinburgh festival to throw a stag party for one of your best friends, and he couldn’t make it?”



Running Golden

Posted: September 1, 2011 in Uncategorized

Major run-good post the Jody homegame for me last night. Managed to get caught in a speed-trap while doing 54mph in a 30 zone. It was on Shooters Hill Road at 1.30am, so admittedly very wide open with fields either side, and honestly more like a 40 in terms of the conditions, but nonetheless I was very definitely in breach of the posted limit.

Conversation with Mr Plod went along the following lines:

“Sir, do you know why I’ve stopped you.”

“Yes officer, I was speeding.”

“I have you registered at 54mph over 350yds”, shows gun. (my estimated chance of getting away with it feels like a depressing 10%)

“I understand.” Dismount, and sheepishly hand-over driving license, ensuring I give the officer a flash of my Institute of Advanced Motorists membership card that sits alongside it in my wallet.

“On your way home from work are you, Sir?”

“Actually coming home from a poker game with some buddies.”

“Ha ha, very good.” He nods his approval, we have a minor mutual understanding (chance of getting away with it up to 30%).

Mr Plod goes to his car to my check license details on the computer. I know I’m totally clean (COGAWI = 40%).

I see a bus coming along the road, note that I’ve been stopped within 10yds of a traffic island. I deliberately turn on my lights so he notices that I’m voluntarily pushing the bike a few metres up the road to make the bus’ passing easier (COGAWI = 50%).

He comes back after 2 minutes chatting to colleague in the car. It’s a flip! My license is all-in-pre-flop with pockets ducks versus Q8s.

“Sir, right now I should be writing you a ticket for 3 points and a £40 fine” – BOOM – “but I’m going to let you off with a wag of the finger” – quad deuces on the flop – “this is a posted 30mph limit, but in these conditions we both know it’s safe to do 40. Fifty four on the other hand is dangerous, especially so on two wheels” – the turn and river are meaningless blanks – “please drive safely on the way home”.

“Yes Sir, thank you very much.” – I scoop up the biggest pot of the night and make my way home rather more sedately.

2011 H1 in review

Posted: June 25, 2011 in Uncategorized

With three £500+ losing nights out of the last four sessions played, the first half of 2011 hasn’t treated me well at all. It looked like a slow start to the year with barely a grand profit for the first four months, but then May/June struck my bankroll like a hammer, and I’m now firmly into the red. For the first time in my ‘career’ I’m set for a losing year, and right now my lifetime profit is reset back to start of 2010 levels.

The worst part of the recent downswing is that there are really hardly any worthwhile lessons learned. With one or two notable exceptions I’ve definitely run under expectation for the last 1000 hands or so, however at least one of the big losing sessions was completely my own fault – taking a winning loose/aggressive approach that works well at one venue and trying to apply it to another completely unsuitable situation.

Oh well, hopefully the mild catharsis of blogging my current poker misery will allow me to shake this funk and bank a decent win. A week or two away from the game may be just what’s required to reinvigorate my previous love for the game.






It’s not exactly poker related, but very pleased to see the wife’s choice of gee-gee in the last race of her birthday trip to Ascot take down the Bank of Wilkinson …